Black Perigord Truffle

Money does really grow on trees

Perigold Black Truffle investment is one of the most attractive alternative investments available today, offering an opportunity to create profits whilst protecting the planet.

About the Black Truffle Company

The Black Truffle Company was founded on our passion for permaculture and a desire to grow a local Spanish business which adds value to the economy as well as the ecology of this beautiful country.

Black truffles (tuber melanosporum) are native to Spain and have been revered since the Roman times for their deep aroma and bitter, peppery flavour.  Today these black diamonds are prized by Michelin star chefs and highly sought-after by foodies around the world.  Black truffles are so rare and coveted that demand has outstripped supply and prices are sky-high. This is a trend that is set to continue, as climate change has spoiled the fertile grounds where many black truffles previously grew.

The Black Truffle Company offers investors the opportunity to watch their money grow on a black truffle farm in Spain, where nature creates the ideal conditions for a promising return on this lucrative product.

We have fully invested in the research and development of a new farm which will be grown in accordance with instructions from the world’s leading authority in Tuber melanosporum black truffle production – Marcos Morcillo from Micologia.

Fertile ground has been prepared for those who want to make a long term investment in this rare gift of nature, which the whole world is clamouring to buy.  As the oak forests mature, so will your returns. Few people know this secret – money really does grow on trees.

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Benefits of Black Truffle
Farm Investments

If you are interested in sustainable alternative investments that can help the
environment (and local community) and you want to see real returns on your money,
Tuber melanosporum Black Truffle farming investments deliver on both counts.

Low entry level

Tax free investment in the EU

9% annual returns

Money back guarantee

Eco-friendly investment



I received an inheritance and thought it wise to diversify my money. The banks don’t offer much so i only invested a part with them. I did some research and Black truffles looked like a good bet.

Charlene Dempsey. Sussex UK

I’ve been well looked after with blacktruffles, the truffle business is an exciting investment.

Robert Green. Edinburgh UK

How to Invest in Black Perigord Truffles

As an investor you will purchase oak trees (in blocks of 5). Discounts given for large quantities. The investment process can be explained in more detail by speaking to one of our advisers.